This Yorkshire Bakery Sells A Massive Bruce Bogtrotter Chocolate Cake

This Yorkshire Bakery Sells A Massive Bruce Bogtrotter Chocolate Cake

Everyone remembers the iconic moment in the classic chilren’s film Matilda where Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat a whole chocolate cake to himself in assembly with the whole of the school cheering him on. We’ve all thought at least once that we’d like to try that delcious looking cake, haven’t we? Well, you can have your own Brucey moment with Get Baked bakery in Leeds’ take on that humoungous cake.

Credit: Get Baked

The cake in question is a mouth-watering 24 layered chocolate cake made up of 12 layers of dark chocolate cake and 12 layers of ganache. The Headingley-based bakery serves up this delectable cake for £12 a slice, which is great value for a massive slice of goodness – who knows they may even give you a chant as you scoff it down.

The bakery went viral for ‘sprinklegate‘ when a customer spragged on them for using ‘illegal’ sprinkles, to which the owner had a few choice words for over social media, which went nuts. The owner came up with their own sprinkle recipe and all was resolved.

As well as serving up their huge cake Bruce, the bakery is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth; it has as ever changing range of desserts that you will definitely want to sample. From amazing pies like their Rumpelstiltskin, which is made up of chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate ganache, sour cherry, dark chocolate cake & house whipped cream to other naughty treats that will leave you loosening your belt.

Some others include the huge campfire pie, which is a chocolate biscuit bottom with a dark chocolate ganache, popping candy topped with toasted house mallow & dark chocolate shavings – and also their PB & J which is oat biscuit bottom with raspberry jam, roasted peanut praline, peanut butter ganache topped with raspberry whipped cream & peanut brittle.

They’ve recently added a Chesney, which is spiced cake — a sort of Yorkshire parkin / carrot cake / gingerbread hybrid that they’ve been developing at our bakery over recent months.

Check out our visit to Get Baked Leeds below:

To find out more about Get Baked in Leeds, head over to their website and get ordering.

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