Gordon Ramsay Finally Has Say On Gino D’Acampo After Departure From Show

Gordon Ramsay Finally Has Say On Gino D’Acampo After Departure From Show

Last Month Gino announced he was leaving the popular ITV show Gordon, Gino and Fred Road Trips due to a range of reasons including the filming schedule.

The show which includes Gino D’Acampo Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix follows the gang as they visit different countries. past countries include US, Greece, and Italy with the next series set in Spain.

Gordan Ramsay has finally shared his thoughts on the Italian Stallion’s departure from the show – and it’s fair to say he did it in classic Ramsay fashion.

Speaking on Spencer Matthews’ Big Fish podcast, he discussed Gino’s departure after the TV chef announced the trio struggled to ‘get the dates together’ for another adventure.

Ramsay spoke about life on the road with the pair of them saying: “They are great, they are wonderful, fantastic, incredible pain in the a**es. They’re so f***ing lazy, they make me look good”.

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He discussed that both D’Acampo and Sirieix were high maintenance saying: “An hour in Gino wants an espresso, or he wants his eyebrows plucked, ninety minutes in, Fred’s missing his croissant and his eyeliner.

“So we do get on, but three or four days in it’s like, “Move over, I want more room in the bed”, or, “Can we have a break?” They don’t work hard.”

He also made light of Gino’s love of platforms saying”

“I was in Spain recently with him and Fred and I said, ‘Jesus, look’. And we did a selfie and he’s like taller than Fred. Like dude, you’re 5ft 4. So I went back to the caravan, the RV, and got his shoes out and tipped them out.

“Four platforms in his shoes. Four! It’s like a pair of stilettos inside his Gucci loafers. I mean seriously, what a kn*b.”

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