Iconic Show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ Set To Make Triumphant Return With Brand New Series

Iconic Show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ Set To Make Triumphant Return With Brand New Series

Amazon Prime is set to launch a fresh series of the renowned and comical Japanese obstacle course show, Takeshi’s Castle. The legendary program features contestants facing the daunting task of conquering enormous obstacle challenges within the castle premises to achieve victory.

Originally airing in Japan during the 1980s, the show’s return promises entertaining and hilarious moments for its audience.

Having grown in popularity and acquiring a devoted fan base, Takeshi’s Castle experienced a resurgence in the early 2000s, accompanied by humorous commentary voiced by Red Dwarf and Radio 6 DJ, Craig Charles. Subsequently, the comedic duo, Dick and Dom, renowned for their “bogies!” catchphrase, also contributed to the show’s wackiness and hilarity through their commentary.

Excitingly, the new series will maintain its nostalgic charm by being filmed at the iconic Midoriyama Studio, the very same location where the original show took place. However, it will feature fresh British comedians, Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis, as the new commentators.

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The upcoming series, aptly titled “Romesh and Tom Take Takeshi’s Castle,” is scheduled to launch exclusively for Amazon Prime members in the UK and Ireland on August 30th. Fans can look forward to another dose of hilarious and adventurous entertainment with this eagerly awaited revival.

Ranganathan and Davis said: “Nothing is more magical than a reboot of a successful show from yesteryear, heavy though is the pressure in bringing back the wonder that is Takeshi’s Castle.

“We are honoured to be bringing back the maddest show of all time to a whole new generation; hopefully they can take away the life lessons we learnt from the original.”

Dan Grabiner, head of Originals, UK & Northern Europe for Amazon, said: “Takeshi’s Castle has a special place in the hearts of UK viewers, and Tom and Romesh’s ingenious new take on the show makes it as incomprehensible as ever, and very, very funny.”

Don’t miss the thrilling new series of Takeshi’s Castle, titled “Romesh and Tom Take Takeshi’s Castle,” exclusively on Amazon Prime, starting from August 30th.

Check out some of the best fails from the Takeshi’s Castle below:

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