Jodie Whittaker Set To Lead BBC Drama ‘Time’ Which Featured Sean Bean & Stephen Graham

Jodie Whittaker Set To Lead BBC Drama ‘Time’ Which Featured Sean Bean & Stephen Graham

After leaving her iconic tenure as the Dr in BBC’s Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker is back and she’s stepping in the footsteps of fellow Yorkshireman Sean Bean in BBC drama.

Whittaker featured as the thirteenth doctor and is now set to appear in the second series of BBC’s Time, which was fronted by Bean and Stephen Graham.

The series was renewed for a second series back in March 2022. It followed Mark Cobden, played by Bean, and Eric Mcnally, played by Graham, and their lives within the UK prison system.

Credit: BBC

Bean’s character, for which he won a BAFTA, was a former teacher consumed by guilt, and Graham’s character was a prison officer struggling from the other side of the system.

Jodie is said to be joining the show as an inmate on the show, which will be set in a women’s jail. Details for the new series have been kept under wraps – until now that is.

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It looks like Jodie Whittaker will be taking the reigns from Bean in the central role in a similar position this time in a female prison.

Jodie Whittaker BBC Drama
Credit: BBC

It is the same type of central role taken on by Sean Bean in the first series, which aired in 2021 to popular and critical acclaim.

The Sun has reported that a source said: “This is a fantastic role for Jodie, and not just because she’s joining forces with a top writer and starring in a show which has already proved a hit.

“Playing a prisoner banged up behind bars is also a massive departure for her, given that she became best known for playing a heroic figure who roamed the universe. But that’s exactly the sort of challenging part Jodie would have wanted.”

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