Gregg’s Home Delivery Has Officially Launched In Yorkshire

Gregg’s Home Delivery Has Officially Launched In Yorkshire
Fancy a sausage roll in bed? Sorted!

Just picture it now… You’re laying in bed hungover from the night before and all you want is a Steak Bake and a coffee from your favourite bakery chain… And the best part? Instead of imagining it, you actually can. Yep, gone are the days of wishing for a Gregg’s and having to pop into town for one, because the chain has finally launched their home delivery service.

Confirming earlier this year that they’d be launching a home delivery service, Gregg’s has put us out of our misery sooner rather than later and revealed that the gift of home-delivered pastries would be happening imminently.

After testing the service in a number of large cities last year with a number of delivery partners, it’s been confirmed that Gregg’s has officially chosen JustEat as their chosen delivery provider, and areas nationwide will be able to fill the pastry-shaped hole in their lives this week.

Some areas are not currently in the plans, however if your area isn’t available just yet, you can let Gregg’s know here that you need your sausage roll fix. Of course, 38,000 people have already registered their absolute NEED to have Gregg’s delivered to their home, so if you’re not so lucky just yet – you can get pestering your friends to vote for your area now!

Orders can be placed from 7am onwards and is now available in Leeds. The service is expected to roll out in Sheffield soon.

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