‘Happy Valley’ Viewers Theory On How Ryan Will Impact The Finale Of The BBC Drama

‘Happy Valley’ Viewers Theory On How Ryan Will Impact The Finale Of The BBC Drama

Wow, the penultimate episode of BBC Drama Happy Valley hit our screens last night and one huge moment has set up the final episode, which looks like it has to be a showdown between Tommy Lee Royce and Catherine Cawood.

If you’ve not seen the episode, beware there may be spoilers in the article.

Last night’s episode saw the police discovering the body of Faisal’s murder victim and with them not believing her excuse of where she found the prescription drugs, Faisal could be in the firing line.

Ryan has been under pressure after everyone got on his back for visiting his father Tommy Lee Royce in prison and it seems after the finale of the episode viewers have got their own ideas about how the TV series will end.

Happy Valley Final Episode Predictions

We aren’t sure how computer game consoles work these days, but apparently, Tommy has managed to find his son via the web and they had an intense conversation.

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Ryan told Tommy Lee Royce: “You were on the news. You’d escaped on a bike and they lost you. Not to approach you because you might be armed and dangerous. Are you?”

He pressed the question a few times asking: “What are you gonna do? Are you armed and dangerous?” After Tommy avoids the question Ryan tried another tack asking: “What we gonna do? Are you in Halifax?”

Tommy said: “What I’d like is for you and me to spend some time together.” To which Ryan replied : “But if you’re armed and dangerous, they’re gonna shoot you. I’m not allowed out. I’m not allowed anywhere near you.”

With dreams of Marbella, and Ryan unable to confirm whether he’d like to go or not, some fans have come up with their own ideas of how the show will end.

We asked The Yorkshireman followers, how they thought it would end. And it seems there is a common train of thought regarding how Sally Wainrights’s award-winning drama will end.

Happy Valley Final Episode Predictions
Credit: BBC

One person commented saying; “I think Ryan will realise what a piece of work his dad is and trap him so he is caught again”. And another agreed commenting: “I think Ryan’s going to arrange to meet him and Catherine and the Police are there, as Ryan has told her. But we won’t see that he has.”

And a third agreed, saying:  “I think Ryan will set TLR up to be caught”.

The resounding theme is that Ryan is going to play some part in capturing Tommy Lee Royce, maybe putting himself in the firing line to do so.

It seems that there was a common theme amongst The Yorkshireman followers as well with regards to James Norton who plays the psychopathic character Tommy.

A lot of you out there have got the hots for the bad boy with one person writing: “how beautiful is James Norton, those eyes in that half light”

Another wrote: “appily give Tommy a bacci on my bike”. It looks like Ryan has competition when it comes to starting a new life in Marbella with Tommy Lee Royce. If he decides to go with his dad, he might have to join the queue.

The final episode is set to air on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday night (like we need to remind you), and we are sure it is set to be one of the most-watched episodes of the series. Catch up on BBC iPlayer here.

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