The Small Yorkshire Village That Has One Of The Richest Literary Histories In The Country

The Small Yorkshire Village That Has One Of The Richest Literary Histories In The Country

Tucked away in the Pennine Hills of West Yorkshire, you’ll find an idyllic village called Haworth. And while it may be small, it’s not one to overlook.

Surrounded by vast countryside peppered with stunning purple heather (a familiar sight for rural West Yorkshire), the traditional village is a literary mecca – with belletristic history running deep into its veins.

And we’re not talking ‘literary’ in the Harry Potter-esque sense like York, Scotland and London – we’re talking rich history that dates right back to the 1800s – with Haworth providing an inspirational backdrop to three authors in particular. The Brontë sisters.

The main street | Credit: Pexels

Known for their poetry and iconic novels, Haworth was once home to Charlotte, Emily and Anne, who – to this day – hold a heavy association with the small Yorkshire village.

The literary family, between them, are responsible for some of the most well-known pieces of literature in history – with some works considered contemporary female masterpieces. Most notable works include Charlotte’s Jane Eyre, as well as Emily’s Wuthering Heights – the latter of which was inspired by and set in the West Yorkshire moors.

Step just outside of the village and you’ll find Top Withens – the real life inspiration behind Wuthering Heights – which in more recent times has gained itself the moniker of Brontë Country due to the storybook scene it sets for fans of the novel.

And it’s not just the moors that bring the novels to life. The village itself features an old-worldy charm that can’t be found in many other places – with vintage-looking store fronts, quaint little shops, traditional pubs and picturesque cobbled roads.

The moors | Credit: Unsplash

If that wasn’t enough bookish charm for you, Brontë fans can also visit their former home – now the Brontë Parsonage Museum – which gives further insight into what life in Haworth was like for the famous family – containing former possessions, well preserved decor and a fascinating insight into their works.

A visit isn’t complete without a visit to Mrs Beighton’s Sweet Shop – a quirky, old-fashioned sweet shop that sees queues outside for their large array of traditional and nostalgic sweets, the perfect accompaniment to a walk on the beautiful moors – or the frequently photographed Black Bull pub, which can be found right at the top of the pretty Main Street.

Here’s our top picks of places to visit in Haworth:

  • The Brontë Parsonage Museum
  • Mrs Beighton’s Sweet Shop
  • Top Withens
  • And Chocolate
  • The Cabinet of Curiosities
  • The Fleece Inn
  • Haworth Old Hall
  • Haworth Steam Brewing Co

[Featured image: Pexels]

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