This Yorkshire Rescue Dog Has Been In A Shelter For 143 Days With No Viewers

This Yorkshire Rescue Dog Has Been In A Shelter For 143 Days With No Viewers

At a time when dog sales at at their highest, it’s hard to believe there’d be even one single dog in the country unable to find a home. But unfortunately for Epiphany, a gorgeously fluffy mixed-breed dog currently residing in Hull, it’s the disappointing reality.

Being cared for at Hull’s Oakwood Dog Rescue for 143 days now, 4-year-old Epiphany hasn’t had a single viewing since arriving at the rescue centre – seeing fellow pups come and go as she patiently waits for her forever home.

Credit: Oakwood Dog Rescue

Launching an appeal to help Epiphany find her forever family, Oakwood Dog Rescue are hoping to find a permanent home for the pup – stating that life in the shelter can cause a lot of stress for a dog like Epiphany.

Epiphany arrived earlier in the summer ‘very frightened and nervous’, however, the team have said the beautiful pup has come out of her shell during her time at the shelter, promising that she has so much more potential to grow in confidence.

The shelter took to Facebook just last week to share their disappointment that Epiphany had received no interest, saying: “How has Epiphany been with us 133 days and still no viewings?”

Credit: Oakwood Dog Rescue

Adding: “Not only is Epiphany absolutely stunning but she has a larger than life personality and is a true bundle of fun!

“She’s a 4 year old small/medium sized cross breed who loves running around and playing with toys, she also enjoys a fuss once she knows you.

“She does enjoy the company of other dogs and could live with a male dog and children 15 years and over.”

The shelter then urged followers to share the post as far and wide as they could, in an effort to find a home for the rescue dog.

Credit: Oakwood Dog Rescue

While the shelter is keen to find Epiphany a home, their policy is ‘one home only’, meaning they’ll be on the lookout for the perfect environment for the pup to settle into. Their website states that the 4-year-old would suit a mature home best with no children, with a tall fence that will keep her safely inside.

The shelter has also stated that while Epiphany can be selective with her doggy friends, she could live quite happily with a calm male dog.

Think you could give Epiphany a home before Christmas? Get in touch with the shelter directly here.

Oakwood Dog Rescue cares for a number of dogs and cats, including Romanian street dog rescues who have faced traumatic upbringings over in Eastern Europe. The rescue centre is open 7 days a week, and you can find them at . Lake Enterprise Park, 17e, Bergen Way, Hull, HU7 0YQ.

[Featured image: Oakwood Dog Rescue]

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