Here’s Everything Us Yorkshire Folk Can’t Wait To Do Once Lockdown Is Over

Here’s Everything Us Yorkshire Folk Can’t Wait To Do Once Lockdown Is Over
What we are all looking forward to post-lockdown

We’re coming into our seventh week of lockdown, and it seems like there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel for this tough time. We’ve tried to keep the community entertained with light-hearted humour and a little bit of normality – displaying the beauty of our county that all of us have been missing while self-isolating. Now, this Sunday, Boris Johnson will announce the next steps in the Government’s plan for the COVID-19 lockdown, so we thought we’d use this time to reflect with you guys on what we will all be looking forward to post-lockdown.

We took to our social media channels to ask you what you’re looking forward to the most after lockdown, and it was wonderful to see the comments flood in, which made us smile at the wholesome, simple things everyone wanted to do. It made us, and hopefully others in the community, realise how simple our needs really are deep down, and how much we took for granted pre-lockdown.

Seeing Family And Friends

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So many of you got in touch to say that the first thing you’d like to do once lockdown lifts is see your loved ones. The internet really has shown its true beauty during lockdown, helping us connect with our friends, and re-connect with people from our past. Through apps like Zoom and Houseparty, we’ve been able to speak virtually with our nearest and dearest, where we’d usually go months without a single ‘hello’. But it doesn’t quite beat the real thing, and I for one can’t wait to give my nieces, nephews and parents a big hug once this is all other.

Going Down T’ Pubs

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Beer, wine and all things fine. Beer gardens are currently sat deserted – and we all want to be there with our mates holding a nice cold pint of mild and chatting nonsense ’til the sun goes down. I for one will never take for granted the wonderful thing that is the local. There’s nothing like a pub to bring a community together – and that first sip will be so good, the pleasant sound of ‘ahhhh’ will probably echo across the nation. And, off the back of all this quizzing in lockdown, we’ll probably be winning that jackpot in the weekly pub quiz more often.

Long Walks In The Countryside

God’s own country. The Promised Land. We’ve got some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and we can’t wait to truly appreciate it once this is all over. Dogs on tow, picnics and plenty of vino, the countryside is going to be flooded with Yorkshire folk enjoying their offerings. We’ve found the best walks in Yorkshire for you to try, and also some the most beautiful coastal walks on offer.

Travelling Abroad

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Once this is all over, I promise I’ll never complain about being stir crazy on a plane again. Ryanair can charge me extra to breath on top of the extra baggage charge, and I’ll happily oblige. Anything to get me on the beach looking out over crystal clear waters, whilst the sun burns my translucent white skin tomato red. Travel is a luxury we will all definitely appreciate so much more post-lockdown.

Shopping Down The High Street

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Shopping. The bain of all men’s lives pre-lockdown. Now, I’ll happily be weighed down with all the clothes that the other half doesn’t need. I’ll stand with all the other blokes whilst she tries on all the outfits that she won’t buy or won’t like two weeks later. I’ll even endure the bedroom fashion show. Bring it on, can’t wait to get down the high street now!

The Gym

Hmmm, we will leave this one to you guys. Think the summer bod will have to wait until 2021 while I work on my beer belly.


Last, but probably the most crucial. Freedom. Freedom to leave the house more than once a day, freedom to go round Mum’s house for tea. Freedom to stay out at the pub that little bit longer than planned because the footy’s on.

But on a more serious note, we’d like to congratulate our fellow Yorkshire folk for getting through this teeth-grittingly boring period, as the UK attempts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

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