Here’s Why Amanda Owen’s Husband Clive Isn’t Seen On Social Media

Here’s Why Amanda Owen’s Husband Clive Isn’t Seen On Social Media

Raveseat Farm has been home to Amanda, Clive and their 9 children for 25 years and is the backdrop for the Channel 5 hit show Our Yorkshire Farm. Their hit show hit our screens in 2018 and Amanda has been giving us further insights into their daily lives through her social media channels, but hubby Clive isn’t seen online.

Credit: Channel 5

Clive, unlike his wife, doesn’t have any social media accounts where fans can follow him and keep up with the family, and Amanda explained why when asked by one of her followers on Twitter.

When she posted a picture of a trip to the hair salon alongside the sheep, making a lovely joke about sheep shearing season one fan asked: “How come we never see photo’s of Clive, time for him to have a make over as well, he bloody earns it.”

Amanda responded with a quite simple answer to the question which was: “He hates social media & the online news stuff and doesn’t want to be on it. That’s his choice.”

And fair point to him – you can’t argue with the man. Amanda and Clive met back in 1996 on Ravenseat Farm, which would later become their home

We are looking forward to seeing the gang back on our screens in the coming months and are interested to see how far they’ve got with their new home on Anty Johns in the Upper Wharfdale region of the Yorkshire Dales just down the road from their current home on Ravenseat Farm.

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