This Is The Correct Way To Eat One Of Whitby’s Most Iconic Delicacies

This Is The Correct Way To Eat One Of Whitby’s Most Iconic Delicacies

The popular seaside town of Whitby is known for many things, Dracule, fish & chips, it’s 199-steps and of course Botham’s of Whitby, which has been serving tasty treats for over 100 years. But, one argument that has been going on for just as long is how you eat their iconic lemon buns.

If you’re thinking ‘What are Botham lemon buns?’ then you haven’t lived. The sweet and soft teacake with sultanas and a crown of white lemon is a special recipe that has been passed down through the Botham family for years since Elizabeth Botham first came up with it.

As popular as ever, Botham’s of Whitby is now run by Elizabeth’s great-great-grandchildren who are still making the sweet and soft dough buns with the crown of white lemon icing.

How to eat Botham’s of Whitby’s lemon buns…

How To Eat Whitby Lemon Buns
Credit: Botham’s of Whitby

There is only one way to eat the iconic lemon buns according to locals. You should tear the bun in half, and make a lemon bun sandwich as the Whitby locals do. Some have it with butter, and some without, but the sandwich is a must.

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Botham’s has had the final say on how they should be eaten. A Botham spokesperson said:

“The majority of the Botham family tear their lemon bun in half as you would cut a bun to make a sandwich then butter the bun, before turning the lemon icing inside to make a sandwich with the butter and icing inside the bun.”

“It really is personal preference! Why do they sandwich it together? It is easier to eat on the go and hold with two hands. We get a lot of tourists visiting our local shops to get their Lemon Bun fix, it is on their itinerary just like fish and chips.”

There you have it, next time you’re in Whitby and want to eat one of Botham’s lemon buns whilst on the go, You’ll be able to make a lovely iced bun sarnie.

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