James May Hints At The End Of Prime Video’s ‘The Grand Tour’

James May Hints At The End Of Prime Video’s ‘The Grand Tour’

As make make way for the latest instalment of Amazon Prime Video’s popular The Grand Tour, James May talks of handing over the torch and letting someone else ‘have a crack at it’.

He shut down rumours the show was being cancelled, but did say it is coming to a ‘natural end’.

We can’t wait for the newest adventure from the trio that is Hammond, May and Clarkson in their road trip around Central Europe in The Grand Tour: Eurocrash.

The lads will be heading around Central and Eastern Europe for an epic 1,400-mile tour through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia in where they will be driving Soviet-style F1 cars and getting attacked by archers and recruiting famous racing drivers as well.

Speaking to Radio Times about the future of the show James May said: “I mean, some people have said we’ve been cancelled.

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“But really we’re getting quite close to the end of our contract, but we didn’t really have any particular plans to keep going because we’re all really just getting a bit old. It might be time to let someone else have a crack at it.”

He added: “It doesn’t mean we’re going to stop making TV. We might still make our individual things – farming or science or mending cars or whatever it is we get up to.

“But I don’t know, to be honest. No one has told us to go away. It’s reaching its natural end, like parties do. There comes a point at 4am when it is over.”

May also spoke to LADbible about the future of the show without Clarkson and wether he and Hammond would do it alone to which he said: “I don’t think anybody would want to see it,” May confessed, “I don’t think they’d want to see any two of us try and carry on the thing that the three of us are known for together.”

The newest Prime Video The Grand Tour will be another standalone feature length episode and will be the first from the trio in almost a year.

The trio have a few more episodes of the show before they step away so let’s just enjoy what’s left eh.

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