One Of Yorkshire’s Best Dog Cafes Is Now Selling Dog-Friendly Easter Eggs

One Of Yorkshire’s Best Dog Cafes Is Now Selling Dog-Friendly Easter Eggs

Easter is our favourite time of year for pigging out. A typical year sees us scoffing Easter Eggs from January right up until the big day and beyond – and it’s the novelty of them being around for a supposed ‘limited time’ that makes it so much more fun. But why should our dogs miss out on it all?

If you’re anything like us, your pooch will be a beloved member of the family, and when it comes to treats, they receive them plentiful. Hence why we’re so excited that Skipton’s Kibble Bakery has created a very special Easter Egg – especially for dogs.

The bakery, which outside of the pandemic operates as a dog-friendly cafe – released the special treats just a matter of days ago, and judging by previous years, they’re set to be incredibly popular.

Made with 100% carob – which is used to make dog-safe chocolate – the Easter Eggs include mini peanut butter bone biscuits within them, making for a very tasty treat for our canine counterparts.

If that wasn’t all, particularly spoiled pooches can enjoy personalised eggs, too, which are available on request as a free service from the bakery.

Each egg costs £8, and can be shipped anywhere within the UK from Kibble’s Yorkshire-based bakery. The bakery prides itself on using natural products within its dog-friendly creations, meaning there’s no nasties within any product you’ll give to your dog.

To find out more and get yours ahead of the Easter weekend, head to their website here.

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