How This Quaint Town Became The ‘Food Capital’ Of Yorkshire

How This Quaint Town Became The ‘Food Capital’ Of Yorkshire

Food, glorious food. It’s the delightful, delectable ‘thing’ that brings us all together. In fact, we love eating food with our loved ones so much, that it’s become an event in itself. A moment we cherish. A sense-driven memory. And if there’s anyone that understands exactly that, it’s the good people of Malton.

Malton Food Stalls/Malton and Norton/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Widely considered to be the ‘food capital’ of Yorkshire, Malton has become renowned for its regular markets packed with local produce from nearby makers, which have hugely helped to accelerate the town to tourist-worthy status.

And now, thanks to significant improvements driven by the local council, Malton attracts thousands of visitors looking to experience farm-to-fork produce, with even the Great British Bake Off’s very own Prue dubbing it her “favourite foodie town”. That’s quite the recognition if you ask us.

Home to gourmet restaurants and cafes aplenty, the town champions independent traders like no other, with a new place to eat at every single turn – and we mean that in the literal sense, by the way. We’re talking artisan ice cream makers, a local gin distillery, a brewery, delectable patisseries and bakeries, bustling brunch cafes and fantastic local butchers – to name just a few of the town’s stars.

In terms of restaurants, visitors are completely spoiled for choice, with tons of proper pub grub, seafood and cuisines such as British, Italian, Indian and Thai up for grabs. Whatever you fancy, Malton has got it – guaranteeing each and every person that sets foot in the town leaves with a full, satisfied tummy.

It’s a pristine example of what a traditional market town can look like given the TLC, providing tons of experiences for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

The real pull, however, is Malton’s frequent foodie markets – which acted as the catalyst to creating the town we know and love today.

Taking place within the heart of the town, guests can discover local makers on a monthly basis, with a bustling atmosphere and savoury and sweet treats (hello huge sausage rolls!) taking over the Market Place, as well as annual music festivals that take place within the town’s stunning green spaces.

Malton’s hospitality offering doesn’t end with just food, either, with rustic speakeasys, traditional pubs, and chic cocktail bars dotted throughout the town.

A mid-way point between cities such as York and Leeds, Malton has done an exceptional job in just five years to cement itself as a destination in its own right, and we see no signs of slowing down in post-pandemic times, either.

The monthly food market – Yorkshire’s most renowned food market – takes place on the second Saturday of every month, with street food, live music and local produce promised.

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[Featured image: Wikimedia Commons]

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