New Research Has Revealed People Who Live In Leeds Have Noisiest Neighbours

New Research Has Revealed People Who Live In Leeds Have Noisiest Neighbours
Time to get the ear plugs out...

It’s a genuine goal in life to move away from all human life and only hear the sound of tweeting birds, leaves blowing in the wind, and the sound of the kettle brewing in a morning – but unfortunately for most of us, there’s probably been a time (or more!) when we’ve experienced the sheer pain of climbing into bed after a long day at work to find your neighbour just isn’t on the same page.

Whether it’s a car alarm, a party, or just living next door to a herd of elephants – there’s really nothing worse than having noisy neighbours, and it turns out living in a certain city or borough can increase your chances of being burdened with one.

Compare Your Move has put together the research, basing their statistics on the number of noise complaints received by local councils over the past three years – with Leeds clocking up the most complaints about noisy neighbours. For shame, Leeds, for shame.

The city and its boroughs racked up a whopping 27,316 noise complaints in this time period, with Glasgow (20,521) and Belfast (20,216) sitting behind in second and third place.

Here’s the top 10 noisiest cities in the UK in full:

  1. Leeds – 27,316
  2. Glasgow – 20,521
  3. Belfast – 20,216
  4. Birmingham – 15,643
  5. Manchester – 15,131
  6. Southampton – 10,135
  7. Liverpool – 9,090
  8. Leicester – 7,507
  9. Sheffield – 7,172
  10. Bradford – 6,767

Turns out us Yorkshire folk are so noisy, we rank on the list three times, more than any other region. C’mon Yorkshiremen, we can do better than that… Til then, probably buy yourself a pair of ear plugs and hope for the best if you live in Leeds, Sheffield or Bradford!

[Featured image: Unsplash]

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