You Can Now Get An Electric Mug Warmer For Yorkshire Folk Who Forget About Their Tea

Us Yorkshire folk love nothing more than a good brew. I’d say I average four or five a day (much to the Mrs’ dismay). One of those four I manage at the temperature that it’s supposed to be… The rest are ones that I forget about and have to sup down lukewarm, which isn’t ideal. 

Credit: Amazon

I’ve always thought, ‘if only ma brew could tell me it was getting cold’. Maybe via a device that shouts out to me, or an alarm that goes off when it goes below a certain temperature… But then I realised that would probably scare the heck outta me.

All it took was a quite search on Amazon, the only thing any of us can do whilst in lockdown, to find that there are more appropriate ways to salvage your brew than being shouted at constantly. Behold… The mug warmer!

Credit: Amazon

The slick VOBAGA Mug & Cup Warmer is the answer to all Yorkshire folks prayers. It keeps your drink at optimum brew level ‘until you’re ready for that next sip.’ The cheeky little find has three settings: 40℃, 55℃ and 65℃ – and you can choose the temperature by placing the mug/cup on the PI Heating Film Plate and touching the ‘power button’.

And at just under £23, it’s well worth those wasted brews! If you, like me, can’t finish a brew before it reaches baltic temperates, check out the mug warmer here.

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