Clive & Reuben Owen Spotted Filming More Episodes Of Channel 5’s ‘Beyond The Yorkshire Farm’

Clive & Reuben Owen Spotted Filming More Episodes Of Channel 5’s ‘Beyond The Yorkshire Farm’

The news everyone has been waiting for since we got a glimpse into the new venture between father and son duo Clive & Reuben has been let out. A new series of Beyond The Yorkshire Farm is being filmed and the two Yorkshire legends were spotted in one of Yorkshire’s most iconic pubs.

The pair rose to fame in the popular Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, which was cancelled earlier this year due to a variety of reasons. And, the son & father duo dropped a short series of Beyond The Yorkshire Farm and received widespread positive reviews from viewers.

Quick to praise Clive on how well he looks, viewers also enjoyed the bond between him and his son Reuben. It was the family element to the Our Yorkshire Farm show that proved it to be so popular which is similar to the new show.

Credit: Facebook/The Tan Hill Inn

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The show also features Reuben’s girlfriend and best friend and sees them venture off the farm n a new digging business. The show had a run of three episodes and a new series has not been announced yet, but crews were spotted alongside Clive and Reuben at the popular Tan Hill Inn.

It is located at the top of the Yorkshire Dales and is the highest pub in the UK. The 17th-century pub was frequented by the father and son duo over the weekend with the pub posting their visit to social media.

They wrote:writing: “More filming today at Tan Hill with our neighbours in Yorkshire….Reuben & Clive from Beyond the Yorkshire Farm.”

People were quick to show their love for the photo with one person writing: “What a great pub, stayed a few times in a motorhome and love it every time, also love watching Clive and Reuben on the TV. Looking forward to our next trip to the Tan Hill, maybe have a beer with Clive.”

Another person wrote: “Awww how lovely, they only live down the road and round the corner from Tan Hill, they’re great guys.”

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Feature Image Credit: Facebook/The Tan Hill Inn

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