A Northern Rail Service Has Been Named Most-Cancelled By Study

A Northern Rail Service Has Been Named Most-Cancelled By Study
Yes you've guessed it, Northern Rail

It’s hard for the North not to feel forgotten about given recent events such as the flooding. The train situation has been getting out of hand for years, with increases in rail fares without any improvement in service. And, since the new timetable was introduced, you’re lucky if you’re train turns up, never mind on time.

According to a study carried out by ontimetrains.co.uk, Northern has the most cancelled trains out of any train operator, which isn’t news to anyone who has had to deal with the delays themselves. The study showed that over 5,700 services were cancelled between 15th December and 22nd February.

The worst performing service of all was the 7.13am Northern Rail service from Harrogate to Leeds which has been cancelled over 50% since the new timetables were introduced. Out of 55 days 28 trains actually managed to run the route. Making it the worst service in the UK, according to the study.

The government have taken control of the service in March after Arriva’s continues failings in the North.

Since taking over the service the government has promised a new lease of life to the forgotten North. This includes a “major deep clean and an effort tackle ongoing issues such as overcrowding, pltform extensions

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said: “Our aim is to give the North of England more powers over their railways, restoring the confidence of passengers and delivering a network they can truly rely on.”

[Featured image: Northern Railway]

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