‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Fans Amazed As Amanda Owens Young Daughters Ride Huge Horses

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Fans Amazed As Amanda Owens Young Daughters Ride Huge Horses

Amanda Owen, otherwise known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, is known for her Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, which gives the viewer a glimpse into life with her family of nine children on their Yorkshire Dales farm, Ravenseat. Whilst we wait for a new series, Amanda loves to share her family life via Twitter and after her latest post followers were all saying the same thing about Amanda’s daughters.

Credit: Twitter/ Amandaowen

Owen posted pictures of the youngest three Annas, Clemmy and Nancy. riding out in the Yorkshire Dales. The three girls can be seen confidently riding these huge horses, and Nancy was on the family pony.

Amanda made two posts with the caption “sitting pretty”, which showed the girls sitting confidently on top of their horses with blue skies, wild hills and the iconic stone walls of the Yorkshire Dales in the shot. The other post read ‘Get off your high horses’.

Credit: Twitter/ amandaowen

Followers and fans of the show couldn’t believe how much the girls had grown up, and shared their thoughts and feelings on the three Yorkshire Farm gals.

One user wrote: “Oh, your beautiful girls! To think, Nancy was a babe in arms when you were 1st filming & now look at her.”

Whilst another wrote: “Nancy won’t be outdone. Amazing for her age. Doesn’t seem 5 minutes since she was born!”

A third wrote: “Beautiful day beautiful girls and beautiful ponies! Thanks for sharing.”

And, we couldn’t agree more, the term ‘they grow up so fast’ is certainly fitting here – that’s for sure.

A video from back in 2019 shows just how clever young girls can be with one using Tony to climb onto the bigger shire horse with Amanda captioning the video: “Nothing is insurmountable if you take one step at a time.”

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