‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Star Amanda Owen Hit By ‘Diabolical’ Weather On Ravenseat Farm

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Star Amanda Owen Hit By ‘Diabolical’ Weather On Ravenseat Farm

Storm Dudley is bringing parts of the UK to a holt this week, and up in the Yorkshire Dales, the Yorkshire Shepherdess has been feeling its wrath up on Ravenseat Farm.

Owen from the popular Our Yorkshire Farm posted to her social channels on Wednesday night sharing her story about how the family had been fighting the weather that continues to get worse.

Amanda describes the weather, which the Met Office gave an amber warning to, which says there could be a risk to life, as ‘diabolical’. She had to move her flock in case the snow that forecasters had announced will follow as Storm Eunice reaches the Dales.

In the post, Amanda says: “Hang onto your hats as #StormDudley has arrived. Conditions have been diabolical.

“Some of our more outlying flocks are coming back down from the moor & into the land tomorrow in case the snow comes.”

Alongside the caption, Amanda can be seen with her beloved sheep as she struggles to move the flock against the windy conditions.

Always willing to offer some positive words, fans were quick to salute the Yorkshire Dales farmer with words of encouragement. One wrote: “Stay safe up there. Severe storm forecast for here down south tomorrow!”

Another wrote: “Stay warm and safe. You’re quite the Lady to handle the weather, animals and your kids. Much respect Amanda.”

“Hang on in there and hang onto your hat! You are doing an amazing job tending your flocks with such love and care,” tweeted fan @JGoodburne

While @TraffordSandra said: “Hope all the animals are safe and ok. Stay safe and warm to you and all your family.”

An Amber weather warning is in place today for much of Yorkshire, which is followed by a downgraded Yellow warning as Storm Dudley begins to pass tomorrow.

On Friday, a Yellow warning remains in place for the entirety of Yorkshire – this time, for Storm Eunice which is expected to hit the UK in the early hours of Friday.

The Met Office says: “There is a chance of travel delays on roads, possibly with stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel”, adding that rural communities could become cut off, and power cuts could also occur, affecting both electricity supplies and mobile phone coverage.”

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