Our Yorkshire Farm’s Raven Reunites With Tony The Pony Much To Fans Delight

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Raven Reunites With Tony The Pony Much To Fans Delight

Fans were delighted to see Raven sharing an update from life on the farm up on Ravenseat in the Yorkshire Dales when she took some friends.

Raven featured on the popular Channel 5 series Our Yorkshire Farm alongside mum Amanda, Dad Clive and her other eight siblings.

We, along with the rest of the Our Yorkshire Farm lovers, still miss getting to see the whole gang on our TV screens each week.

Credit: ravanelly_123 Instagram

Raven shared some snaps as she returned home with some friends introducing them to the famous Tony the Pony.

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Tony was a huge hit on the Channel 5 show and was regularly featured. Fans now make pilgrimages to catch a glimpse of the adorable horse and enjoyed afternoon tea – which is no longer available on’t farm.

Tony enjoyed being pampered as Raven and her friends can be seen doing his hair and giving him attention.

In other shots Raven is holding a small grey cute owl, much to the fan’s delight. Raven captioned her Instagram post: “Being back home was a hoot 🦉Tony the pony received some amazing hair care and I even somehow got a sunburn!”

One fan wrote: “How’s Tony managed to get sunburnt my horses doesn’t get sunburnt.”

Whilst another commented: “Good to see you are well and back home with your family. As it has been said before it’s a great shame the TV series is no more as we all miss you and the family so much…

“please keep posting and much love to you and your siblings”.

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Feature Image Credit: ravanelly_123 Instagram

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