‘World Shaken’ For Helen In ‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Series Four

‘World Shaken’ For Helen In ‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Series Four

The cast and crew have been back in the Yorkshire Dales for the filming of All Creatures Great and Small series 4 – and it’s been hinted that it’ll be another tense series.

The highlight and biggest moment of the third series of the hit Channel 5 show based on Alf Wight’s novels of the same name had to be Tristan Farnan making the decision to go off to play a part in the Second World War.

The emotional scene showed real growth in his character and his relationship with his brother and father figure Seigfried.

Credit: Channel 5

But, what can we expect from All Creatures Great and Small series 4?

Well Masterpiece PBS caught up with Rachel Shenton, who plays Helen, who had an insight into the upcoming season.

She said that there is a: “real jeopardy and the stakes are so much higher than they ever have been before, so I hope we really get to see them navigate through that together.”

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Credit: Channel 5

Shenton also discussed the sense that: “There’s a great deal of uncertainty, I mean there is for everyone, this worldwide uncertainty. In her pocket of the world, her world has been shaken.”

Questions for the upcoming series include ‘Will Tristan feature in the upcoming series?’ if not Shenton explained there would be an emptiness in Skeldale House.

Also, ‘Will Helen be able to keep her new husband James Herriot away from the war effort?’ There was a sense of guilt on James’ part and a sense that he should be there helping.

But Seigfried and Helen managed to persuade him otherwise, unlike Tristan, who had more to prove than his friend and housemate James.

One thing’s for sure, series 4 of All Creatures Great and Small is set to be an enticing one with moments of feel-good like its predecessors we imagine.

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Feature Image Credit: Channel 5