Beyond The Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen Is Quitting Channel 5 Show

Beyond The Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen Is Quitting Channel 5 Show

Clive Owen‘s heartfelt message about his part in the break up of his marriage with Amanda Owen that spans two decades, the farmer said he will be stepping back from Beyond the Yorkshire Farm.

Fans had a massively positive reaction to the new show after Our Yorkshire Farm came to an abrupt end after five series. And, after three series Clive his stepping back leaving the reigns firmly in Reuben’s hands.

The spin-off series Beyond The Yorkshire Farm: Reuben and Clive saw eldest son Reuben Owen and Clive set out on a new venture from Ravenseat Farm running a digging business.

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Clive announced the news on ITV’s Lorraine when speaking to Christine Lampardm but hasn’t ruled out seeing him pop up on our screens in the future.

Speaking about his decision he said: “We’ve done this thing with Reuben, it’s been great fun working with him. Cos he’s crazy too, so we’ve had a grand time doing it.

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“I think I’m stepping back from that now. I think he’s gonna go on on his own. Because he doesn’t want me on his hands. So, I have no plans to do anything in particular, but you never know, someone might be daft enough to ask me.”

Reuben has been joined on the show by friend Tom and girlfriend Sarah Dow, which could mean that this is the new dream team, and after what we’ve seen it’s a bloomin’ good one.

Credit: Channel 5

We are still waiting for a second series by Channel 5, which we are sure is imminent after the response to the programme, which we’ve seen.

The spin-off gained 1.8 million viewers making it a success for Channel 5, so we can’t wait to see if gets renewed. If you’d like to catch up on previous episodes head over to My5 now.

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