People In UK Find A Good Brew Is Officially Better Than Sex, Accoding To Survey

People In UK Find A Good Brew Is Officially Better Than Sex, Accoding To Survey

You don’t need to tell Yorkshire folk how a decent brew can make you feel. There is nothing better than a good brew and we aren’t the only ones to think so as a global study finds.

Pukka Herbs spoke to 1,000 people in the UK to identify common key triggers of stress and how they deal with it and it turns out that they found that people in the UK would prefer to drink tea or do housework than have sex to help manage symptoms.

Only 10% of people asked would opt for sex to relieve feelings of stress whereas 48% would chose a coffee or cup of tea with 20% opting o have a tidy to relieve stress.

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And, it’s not surprising with nearly half of people asked saying the cause of stress is by a relationship with those they live with and 17% saying it was a partner that impacted their stress levels.

Children could be the reason why people chose a brew or a coffee instead of sex to relieve sex. It’s easier to have a quick cuppa than it is to have a quick… well, you get the idea.

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13% of people feel children are the cause of stress in their lives. Sometimes it’s not even an outside source with a third of people feeling stressed and anxious about their daily life through lack of self control and a fear of the unknown.

Almost half people asked said they live with a medium to high level of stress especially those with children. Lack of sleep and feeling tired were flagged as people’s reason for stress with afternoons being most common.

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Jo Webber, Herbal Education Lead at Pukka Herbs said: “The impact of the past few years on people is apparent across the globe – with stress and anxiety being reported on a regular basis.

“We want to look to the future and encourage people to find positivity in day-to-day life. Adopting a healthy mindset alongside a constructive routine can work wonders, whether that’s by connecting with nature by going for a walk or simply taking the time to enjoy a calming cup of herbal tea.”

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