PG Tips Has Launched A Limited-Edition Chocolate Teapot For Easter

PG Tips Has Launched A Limited-Edition Chocolate Teapot For Easter

“You’re about as useful as a chocolate teapot”, is a classic phrase that PG Tips has made a reality. Although, we don’t think they’re expecting you to make a brew in them. As a homage to the good ol’ brew, the PG Tips chocolate teapot is their bid to mix things up a little this Easter.

PG Tips Chocolate Teapot
Credit: PG Tips

And no, this is not an April Fools joke, that’s not for a couple of weeks. PG Tips have created this wonderful artisan milk choc teapot that comes in a biodegradable branded box with 40 PG tips tea bags (we know Yorkshire folk like Yorkshire tea – but we also like freebies).

PG Tips explains their decision: “With over 80 million Easter eggs sold in the UK each year, PG Tips has launched the new product to give Brits a to-tea-lly new way to enjoy the annual celebration, avoiding the egg-ja-vu that comes from receiving the same old egg-shaped chocolate each year.”

PG Tips Chocolate Teapot

Charlotte Ridley, Senior Brand Manager at PG tips, said: “We know that Britain is a nation of tea-lovers and we wanted to give them something to get excited about this Easter.”

“Our new chocolate teapot is the perfect alternative for those suffering with Easter egg fatigue-because Easter eggs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!”

If you like the sound of PG Tips limited-edition teapots you can order yours here for a tenner.

PG Tips Chocolate Teapot
Credit: M&S

PG Tips aren’t the only ones making crazy Easter eggs, M&S has created a whole host of crazy eggs. They’ve turned Percy Pig into a cheeky chocolate egg, as well as creating Harry Potter themed Easter chocs – which both look incredible. You can also try this posh pink gin & tonic egg.

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Feature Image Credit: PG Tips