There’s Been Calls For Four Extra Bank Holidays A Year Including One Before Christmas

There’s Been Calls For Four Extra Bank Holidays A Year Including One Before Christmas

Everyone loves a bank holiday, that extra day to get out and relax is a real joy, and can be great for your mental health. After the August bank holiday has just gone, the next national holiday is Christmas, which is quite a while away and can seem quit the slog for people without many holidays!

But, never fear! There could be hope for those that are looking for a little more time off from the 9 to 5 as union bosses have been calling for four more bank holidays per year – can you imagine?

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Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary has called England and Wales ‘stingy’ for the eight public holidays in twelve months of the year. She has suggested that the addition of an autumn bank holiday would ‘break the long stretch’, bringing us in line with rest of the world.

O’Grady said: “After August, there’s no national holiday until Christmas… And that’s because the number of holidays we get is so stingy compared to other nations.

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“A few more public holidays would be a great way to thank working Britain for getting us through these tough times, and it would level us up with other workers around the world.

“It’s time for a national conversation – when should our new holidays be? What might they celebrate? An autumn holiday to break the long stretch to Christmas would be a good start.”

When compared to the rest of Europe, UK citizens have fewer bank holidays compared to the European Union. Countries Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland and Cyprus all have fifteen days off on top of their annual leave and weekends.

Can you imagine having 15 days off? That’s almost double what we have now – amazing.

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