The Yorkshire Dales Is Closed During Lockdown, Says The National Park Authority

The Yorkshire Dales Is Closed During Lockdown, Says The National Park Authority

Due to the number of people travelling to the National Park, the National Park Authority has reminded people that the area is closed to everyone besides locals. The news comes as people have been travelling to the area to see the snow that has fallen over recent weeks. Government guidelines stipulate that only local exercise is allowed – but some people are not listening to the rules and driving to other areas.

Ingleborough, north face/Wikimedia Commons/Grzegorz Gniady/licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Malham Cove and other spots in the Craven area saw large numbers of people being spoken to by the North Yorkshire Police – many of whom has travelled from towns and cities for exercise outside of the National Park boundary.

Two visitors from Rochdale had to be rescued from Ingleborough Summit by police and rescue teams when they were met with poor weather conditions – breaking the ‘stay local’ order issued by the government just one week ago.

Credit: The Yorkshireman

Authority chair Neil Heseltine said: “We’re asking everyone to please respect each other by respecting the guidelines. Travelling lengthy distances to walk around Ribblehead, Malham Cove or up Ingleborough is not acceptable and puts your safety, the safety of people you come across and the safety of emergency services at risk.

“As we’ve said before, many in our community fall into the most vulnerable category of people. Please show them the consideration you would your own family and friends and stay home this weekend.

“Finally, I would like to thank our partners at North Yorkshire and Cumbria Police for their support in engaging, explaining, encouraging, and enforcing the guidance.”

Supt Walker said: “This is not just down to the police, this is a matter of personal responsibility and making sure that your decisions and actions do not put others at risk.”

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