Yorkshire’s Cities Named In The Most Cosmopolitan In The UK

Yorkshire’s Cities Named In The Most Cosmopolitan In The UK

Yorkshire is giving Sex in the City’s New York a run for its money with its cosmopolitan cities. Two of our own cities have been seen as the most cosmopolitan in the UK. Who’d have thought, good ol’ Yorkshire folk are culturally rich and luxurious? Of course, we are – “pint of mild, please.”

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The summer is here, and with friends and families ready to meet up in restaurants and bars cocktail company Nio cocktails have been researching which cities in the UK are the most cosmopolitan. 

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To work this out, the company took a range of factors into consideration such as the number of 5-hotels, number of spas, number of Michelin star restaurants, designer shops and cocktail bars and divided this figure by the population of the area to provide a ranking out of 100 and the results where interesting.

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The city that was seen as the most culturally rich and with a range of high-quality establishments was Chester, which scored a massive 97 out of 100. One of Yorkshire’s cities, York just missed out on a bronze in 5th place and scored a grand 90 out of 100. 

The historic city has a massive 39 5-star hotels, so you’ll never be short of somewhere glamourous to stay. It also has 1 Michelin star restaurant, Roots and 12 cocktails bars, according to Nio’s research.

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In 15th place was West Yorkshire’s Leeds, which has seen a huge transformation over the last decade. Leeds has 8 5-star hotels to stay in if you’re looking for a bit of luxury. 

The Yorkshire city has a huge 48 cocktail bars, so you’ll not be short of Pornstar Martinis and they also have one Michelin star restaurant, Man Behind The Curtain.

Move over Miranda, Yorkshire is the new hotspot for a cosmo and some good times. We can’t wait to get stuck into a few cocktails this weekend, whilst wearing our best Jimmy Choos.

You can check out the list of the UK’s most cosmopolitan cities below:

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