The Sheffield Cafe Serving Pink Hot Dogs And Pancake Freakshakes

The Sheffield Cafe Serving Pink Hot Dogs And Pancake Freakshakes

As Yorkshire cities evolve into metropolises for modern, cosmopolitan life, we’re blessed with more and more wonderful independent businesses, with locals taking the high street by the horns and making it their own.

It’s a welcome change to the dwindling reputation of ‘chain stores’, with many towns and cities now able to celebrate the unique offerings they have right on their doorsteps. From Yorkshire pudding pie makers to pastel-painted doughnut shops – we Yorkshire folk have got it all. But today, we’re here to talk about Pom Kitchen.

Credit: Pom KItchen

You’d be wrong to assume this unique cafe’s name represents all things pom poms and pink, as much as it embraces that aesthetic. No, in fact, the name pays homage to the land down under, bringing the concept of the laid-back Australian brunch to Sheffield.

Putting the veggie and vegan diet at the forefront of everything they create, Pom Kitchen resides within the Sharrow-side of Sheffield, on the bustling Sharrowvale Road where locals can find a number of other popular eateries.

Credit: Pom Kitchen

And while its airy, Byron Bay-esque interiors are enough to have us swooning, it’s the menu that takes centre stage.

Using colourful ingredients to make their food pop (hence massively increasing our appetites), Pom Kitchen uses both vegan and veggie-friendly ingredients across their dishes, with vegan hot dogs, sausages, bacon and more filling out the menu.

Credit: Pom Kitchen

From rainbow bagels filled with Biscoff spread and sliced banana, to smoothie bowls and toasted banana bread with raspberry butter (yep, you read that right, and it sounds bloody delicious), the brunch menu has a little bit of everything – making for the perfect way to start the day.

If that wasn’t all, guests can fill up on vegan hot dogs packed with tons of different toppings (after being sandwiched inside a hot pink bun), as well as vegan kebabs inspired by Greece, Tokyo and Mumbai.

Credit: Pom Kitchen

While that all sounds moderately healthy and substantial, the ice cream parlour is where things get real fun.

Serving up nine different flavours (including birthday cake and passionfruit), guests can pig out on an array of Pom Sundaes, cookie sandwiches, waffles and more, with tons of sauces and toppings to choose from, too. The treats are as Instagrammable as you could possibly get, and almost look too good to eat. We say almost, because nothing can stand between us as sugar.

Pom Kitchen is open every single day from 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends, with takeaway currently available ahead of the May 17th restrictions change. Find them at 388 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sharrow, Sheffield, S11 8ZP.

[Featured image: Pom Kitchen]

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