You Can Now Get Sunday Roast Pizzas At This Decadent Cocktail Bar

Sure, we’re spoiled when it comes to the traditional Sunday roast here in Yorkshire. It’s a staple of the Northern diet – not complete without lashings of gravy and Yorkshire puds. But who knew what we really needed was the creative combination of our two favourite dishes: the Sunday roast and the classic Italian pizza?

Credit: The Wick At Both Ends

Now, stay with me a minute while I tempt you over to the dark side. We’re not talking lathering meat and veg on top of a tomato-based pizza and calling it ‘quirky’ to disguise the fact that it’s not actually good. We’re talking a doughy pizza base doused in gravy, before being topped with all the key components that make a Sunday roast.

Forming part of the recently revamped menu at The Wick At Both Ends, the delicious-sounding pizza consists of a gravy base, before chicken, carrots, red onion, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding are thrown on top.

It’s kind of like chucking your leftovers in a good bit of bread the next day, except so much better.

Credit: The Wick At Both Ends

Elsewhere on the menu, guests can enjoy other creative pizzas, such as their Full English pizza which consists of a baked bean base, sausage, bacon, mushroom, hash browns and a baked egg on top.

There are, of course, more typical pizzas on the menu for those who aren’t up for an adventurous meal – with BBQ chicken, chicken nugget, and veggie supreme making up just some of the other options available.

Credit: The Wick At Both Ends

Well known for their tasty drinks before the new owners took over, The Wick At Both Ends also serves up a fantastic menu of extremely photogenic cocktails – with unique spins on classics such as the Long Island Iced Tea, the Pornstar Martini, the Gin Bramble and so much more for guests to try.

It’s a menu that caters to all booze preferences, and certainly one you can sit making your way through on a lazy afternoon.

Credit: The Wick At Both Ends

Re-opening this month for indoor drinks and dining, The Wick At Both Ends has also added a number of sharing boards to their menu which are perfect for catching up with friends this summer, including pizzas, loaded fries, chicken wings, nuggets and more.

For the sides, expect ‘dough ball roulette’, halloumi fries, chicken wings and garlic bread, to name a few.

Credit: The Wick At Both Ends

The bar will re-open on May 17th, with guests now able to book a table by emailing them direct at The venue will open with a brand new cocktail menu, providing an all-new experience for guests to enjoy this summer.

[Featured image: The Wick At Both Ends]

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