Yorkshire Pubs Could Reopen In June, According To Boris Johnson

At this rate, the pubs will open tomorrow…. But this time it’s from the horse’s mouth. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked scientific advisors to review the two-metre rule in the ‘hope’ it can be reduced, which in turn could mean that we’re closer to that first pint than we originally thought.

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The whole country, bar a small amount, has acted brilliantly during lockdown. It’s been a hard slog that’s been mentally and physically demanding, but, fingers crossed, the end is finally near. Shops are beginning to reopen and a lot of restrictions are starting to be relaxed, thanks to the efforts of the public that have kept the ‘R’ number below 1 (according to the government).

Speaking in a Q&A yesterday, Johnson said, “It is really difficult to bring forward hospitality measures in a way that involves social distancing… But I am much more optimistic about that than I was. We may be able to do things faster than I previously thought.” A positive remark which will hopefully mean our beloved hospitality industry can dig itself out of its current, dire state.

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Currently, step two of the UK’s exit strategy does not include the hospitality sector or personal care, with the government initially to reopen these businesses in step three – which would be earliest, July 4th. But, yesterday’s statement hints that this could finally be brought forward, allowing for those much-needed hair cuts and the finer things in life that we took for granted pre-lockdown.

Various local outlets have been helping us beat those lockdown blue with incredible online services that allow customers to order beer from the comfort of their own homes, as well as many restaurants signing up with Deliveroo to launch home delivery services while restaurants are closed.

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