Sainsbury’s Is Now Selling Pigs In Blankets Flavoured Mayonnaise

Sainsbury’s Is Now Selling Pigs In Blankets Flavoured Mayonnaise

Halloween might only just be around the corner, but the supermarkets are at it already with the inventive – and quite frankly nuts – Christmas collections. Before the pumpkins have even rotted and the werewolves have howled at their last moon, the Christmas decs and festive foods have begun hitting the shelves, with crazy flavours making everything in stores have some kind of spin on Christmas.

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M&S was out the gate early with their Colin the Caterpillar – donning a Christmas hat and baubles. Not to be out done Sainsbury’s, who’ve now entered the game with the sauce that might just ruin Christmas. Their ‘Pigs In Blankets’ Mayonnaise has been spotted in select stores, and it sounds… Well… Interesting. It could be the new Marmite, or it could just be another fad that quietly exists the scene once Boxing Day arrives.

The strange condiment will be available online and nationwide from 25th October. We don’t know if we will be rushing down to the shops to pick up ours, we’d much rather stick to the real thing – but give me a whole pack of straight-up pigs in blankets any day.

Credit: Nelson’s Distillery.

If the new condiment sounds like the type of crazy that’s right up your street, make sure you also try the new Brussel Sprout Vodka by Nelson’s Distillery. Based in Staffordshire, this award-winning distillery has unveiled its new flavours for the Christmas period and, either fortunately or unfortunately, it really does taste like the controversial vegetable.

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