Sean Bean Reveals He Would Read Scripts Backwards To See If He Dies

Sean Bean Reveals He Would Read Scripts Backwards To See If He Dies

It’s become quite a common joke among Sean Bean fans that the star seems to have created an unfortunate pattern of prematurely dying in the majority of the films and TV shows he signs up for. And even the actor himself has noticed.

Following his recent, successful stint in shows such as Time and Snowpiercer – both of which his characters survive – Sean Bean sat down with the team at The Guardian to discuss his new show, Marriage, before naturally, steering their way onto the sensitive subject that is Bean’s habit of popping his clogs before the credits roll.

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Not that he’s bothered, of course, given that he’s most certainly paid an absolute wedge to be the man, the legend, the Sean Bean.

Speaking about that fan-favourite ‘Death Reel’ on Youtube of the actor’s most famous death scenes, Bean revealed that he used to read his scripts “from the end to see if I was still in them”.

And while it’s easy to feel sorry for the superstar, you needn’t bother, as the actor also revealed he’s “not too bothered” and that some parts are “worth dying for”.

Naturally, as Sean Bean’s prominence as a legendary Hollywood actor grows, his survival rate appears to increase, with Bean further joking “When you’re starting out, you’re much more dispensable. Now they might keep me alive and get their money’s worth.” That explains why his character in Snowpiercer has made it this far, then.

Credit: Netflix

The Sheffield-born actor currently stars in BBC’s Marriage alongside Nicola Walker, which can be binge-watched on iPlayer now.

Bean is also working on two other projects, Knights of the Zodiac and Watch the Skies, the former of which is set for release in 2023.

His future on the show Snowpiercer, however, remains unclear, with Bean’s character Wilford being dispatched from the main train to survive alone in the season three finale. The show will return for one final season, so with Wilford’s fate being left open-ended, it’s hoped that the actor will return.

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