Stephen Graham Stars In New ITV Crime Drama That Starts Next Month

Stephen Graham Stars In New ITV Crime Drama That Starts Next Month

A new ITV crime drama, The Walk In, starring Stephen Graham starts next month. It tells the true story of how an inside man stopped a Neo-Nazi group’s plan to kill an MP.

In the five-part ITV series Graham plays the character of Matthew Collins, a reformed Neo-Nazi working as a journalist for an anti-racism organisation Hope Not Hate.

Credit: ITV

Written by acclaimed screenwriter Jeff Pope and directed by BAFTA award-winning Paul Andrew Williams it tells the story of Graham’s character trying to infiltrate a Far Right Neo-Nazi group by running moles or ‘walk-ins’ with the aim of finding out about their activities to prevent a race war.

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Graham’s character Collins was unable to do so, which led to the horrific murder of MP Jo Cox. Marches and social media posts were stopped and Collins knew the group will have been forced underground. But in 2017, he received an email from someone claiming to be a member.

Credit: ITV

The member seemed to be a mole ready to talk and had said that there were plans to murder a second MP.

It’s the second time Stephen Graham has worked with screenwriter Jeff Pope with the actor performing in an ITV drama about the murder of Rhys Jones. The explosive series The Walk In, is set to air from Monday 3rd October with the other four episodes then shown weekly.

Watch the trailer for the new ITV Crime Drama The Walk In below:

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