Stuffed Easter Egg Cheesecakes Are The New Easter Trend

All the chocolatey seasons are upon us! With Valentine’s Day in a weeks time and Easter a few more weeks away – it’s time to stock up on all those great treats. Supermarkets are packed full with Easter eggs and a new lockdown trend (you can keep your banana bread) has come along to give us all excuses to go out and buy ’em all up! With the school holidays almost here, it is a great thing to do with the kids to keep them occupied.

Credit: northeastfoodiefaye

If Easter egg cheesecakes look as good as they taste then my waistline is about to get a whole lot bigger as these beauties look very moreish. Our Instagram feeds have been flooded by images of people’s creations. There’s not much that beats a cheesecake, but as always the internet is the gift that keeps on giving.

Credit: kellyrowland18_mua

From Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury’s Creme Egg and mini egg cheesecakes easter eggs – all the choccy creations look beaut and a whole load of fun to make. With no actual baking involved, it seems that there is no wrong or right way to build these kitchen creations.

Credit: westendscranners

If you’re looking to do one of these yourself, just get yourself an easter egg and crack it in half and then find yourself a basic cheesecake recipe for the filling, and buy up any chocolate goodness that you want for the top and voila you’ve got yourself a food coma waiting to happen. If you’re doing it with you kids, maybe don’t let them eat it all at once or they will be bouncing off the walls for sure! For inspiration checkout the hashtag #eastereggheesecake on Instagram.

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