The Hairy Bikers Announce ‘Well Earned’ Break As Dave Myers Continues Cancer Treatment

The Hairy Bikers Announce ‘Well Earned’ Break As Dave Myers Continues Cancer Treatment

Everyone’s favourite duo, The Hairy Bikers, have announced they are taking a well earned break from their podcast amid Dave Myer’s ongoing cancer battle.

The pair, known for their on screen partnership, have had as much success with their podcast and are taking a ‘well earned break’ as Dave Myers continues with treatment for his cancer.

Myers revealed his diagnosis back in may 2022 and has been through 30 bouts of chemo over the past year.

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Dave has wanted to carry on as normal and the pair, which includes Si King as well have been working on a range of various projects including a new TV show, which sees them back on their bikes, but are now having a a break.

Taking to Instagram, they announced: “Those hardworking Agony Uncles are taking a well earned break which gives us the chance to look back on a busy year of problem solving.

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“In this Best Of Confidential Corner, Uncle Si, Uncle Dave & Posh Tash tackle troubles including The Recipe Of Love, Swinging Mum & Dad, a case of the Pinot Piles and the toe-curler that is Caught In The Act. Listen to this week’s best off through all the streaming services!.”

Having been open about his cancer, Dave spoke to The Times saying it was a “work in progess”.

He said: “I’m doing all right. It’s a work in progress. We’ve had some hard years but this one’s been… I’ve had 30 lots of chemo, spread over three weeks and then a week off. It’s going the right way.”

Adding that the doctors think they can turn the last bit of cancer “off with radiotherapy”.

He added: “So that’s five sessions every other week and then I go film in Scotland for two weeks, then go back on chemo, but that’ll be twice a month.”

The pair may be going on a break, but not before announcing plans for a new book later this year, Ultimate Comfort Food.

They’ve described the new book as “real, everyday food to enjoy and share.”

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Feature Image Credit: ITV

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