Our Yorkshire Farm’s Fans Treated To First Pic Of Amanda With Reuben Owen Since Ravenseat Closure

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Fans Treated To First Pic Of Amanda With Reuben Owen Since Ravenseat Closure

Reuben Owen, has garnered a huge fan base from the popular Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, and shared a lovely first glimpse of his mother, Amanda Owen, following the closure of Ravenseat Farm to visitors.

The Owen family has captured the nation through the Channel 5’s audience through their documented experiences of life on their bustling rural farm nestled in the serene landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales.

Devotees of the show were recently taken aback when Amanda revealed the regrettable news that Ravenseat farm had ceased its cream teas operation. With her announcement hosted on her personal website, Amanda conveyed, “Regrettably, Ravenseat Farm is presently closed to visitors, and we are unable to offer our renowned cream teas. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Warm regards, Amanda.”

While Amanda has provided insight into the reasons behind the abrupt farm closure, her son Reuben chose to share a heartfelt post on Instagram that featured endearing snapshots of his mother, Amanda.

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Alongside the photos, Reuben affectionately captioned, “A glimpse into my recent endeavors.”

Credit: Channel 5

One particularly heartwarming image portrayed 19-year-old Reuben in an affectionate embrace with his mother, Amanda. Another snapshot depicted him confidently maneuvering a substantial excavator, while a third captured him joyfully riding a motorcycle alongside his canine companion, all set against the picturesque backdrop of the rolling Dales hills.

We are still waiting patiently for the announcement of a second series for Reuben’s Beyond the Yorkshire Farm, but we haven’t heard anything as of yet.

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Feature Image Credit: Ruben Owen / Instagram

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