York’s Mesmerising Wizard Shop Packed With Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs & Glittering Potions

York’s Mesmerising Wizard Shop Packed With Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs & Glittering Potions

It’s officially the season of the Witch (and Wizard), and we are fully embracing this new Autumn air – wizard hat in tow.

And the one place amplifying our Autumnal excitement? York’s mesmerising wizard-themed shop, The Potion’s Cauldron.

Found on the historic cobbles of The Shambles, the mysterious shop embodies all things magical – bringing an air of Hogsmeade to the medieval city.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

The perfect destination for budding witches and wizards for all ages, The Potion’s Cauldron is fully stocked with everything you could possibly need to cast those all important spells – the showstopper of them all, however, being The Potion’s Cauldron’s very own glittering potions.

Available in an array of spellbinding flavours, each potion comes to life with a magical shimmer when shaken (which is the secret spell), and can be drunk on their own or with a mysterious poison (gin or vodka, to us non-magical beings).

Flavours include Serpent’s Venom (lemonade), Basilisk Blood (mixed fruits), Tears of a Wizard (cream soda) and Unicorn Essence (fruit twist), alongside a brand new shimmering cola made especially for magical beings.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

In addition to the mysterious potions, visitors can also enjoy essentials such as chocolate frogs, butterbeer, a certain wizard’s favourite lemon sherberts and so, so much more. It really is a wizarding paradise.

For wizards on-the-go, the magical shop also doubles up as a warming coffee shop, serving mystic coffees and teas, alongside supernatural (and very pretty!) cocktails from their apothecary. Basically, they have all you magical beings covered not just during the season of the witch, but all year round.

And just when you thought the fun stopped there – there’s a secret door at The Potion’s Cauldron. One that transports you into an old apothecary where you can make potions of your own and learn the tricks of the trade.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

A fun experience for witches and wizards of all ages, the potion experience allows spell makers of all abilities learn the secrets behind making the perfection potion – and even allows guests to sample their creations, too!

Guided by The Potion’s Cauldron’s head potion maker, the experience is packed full of magical surprises, alongside interactive touches that we’ll have to keep under our wizard’s hat to avoid spoiling the surprise. All we can say is, even Percy Weasley is a fan!

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

Chris Rankin (the actor who plays Percy in the Harry Potter movies) isn’t the only Hogwarts alumni to enjoy The Potion’s Cauldron’s spellbindingly sweet potions, either, with the one and only Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) enjoying himself a butterbeer.

The Potion’s Cauldron can be found at 9¾, Shambles, York, YO1 7LZ and now at York train station at Platform 5, 8 Railway Station, York YO24 1AY where they serve coffees and more for magical beings on the go. The team is also behind the highly successful Hole in Wand on Coppergate, where witches and wizards can enjoy a spot of crazy golf.

Find out more and check out their online shop right here.

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