‘The Yorkshire Auction House’ Is The New Show That Has Us Hooked

‘The Yorkshire Auction House’ Is The New Show That Has Us Hooked

Yorkshire TV shows are popping up all over the place, and we can’t but see it as a great thing. Shows like Channel 5’s ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ and ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ are all massive hits with television audiences -for good reason. These shows give an interesting insight into a world that most may not be familiar with, which is why ‘The Yorkshire Auction House’ has piqued our interest.

The Yorkshire Auction House
Credit: Really

Taking to their website, Ryedale Auctioneers announced their excitement stating: “We are extremely excited to announce we are taking part in a new television series ‘The Yorkshire Auction House’.

“Over the last year a television crew have been (socially distanced) filming us throughout the process from house viewing to auction day.”

The show follows charismastic auctioneer, who has an eye for Angus Ashworth has a keen eye for a gem, and the gift of the gab when it comes to selling. Angus’ love for antiques shines through and is an infectious feeling that will have you hooked like us on Really’s new show.

The auction house, Rydale Auctioneers, are a local auction house, which aims to make buying and selling a pleasurable experience for clients. They provide free information and advice on buying and selling and pride themselves on their friendliness and transparency when it comes to items for sale.

Situated on the edge of the North York Moors, the auction house can handle a range of items from general household, antiques, fine arts, firearms, agricultural etc. 

The show premiered on the 22nd March on Really and has grown huge interest if you’d like to give it a watch it is on Really at 9pm on Mondays. Next episode, Angus is in Newcastle to clear out a home and finds some interesting things indeed.

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