This Chippy Has Created Deep-Fried Battered Chip Butties And They’re Absolutely Genius

There is nothing better in this world than a chippy tea. Whether it’s the classic fish & chips with a flaky batter or a chip butty will plenty of salt and vinegar and some peas, curry or gravy on the side. But, what about a mashup of both? Fancy trying a battered chip butty? If, so get on over to Leeds and give it a go!

Credit: KP’s

That’s right, a chippy in Leeds is selling a battered chip butty. You can enjoy a chip filled bread bun that’s been coated in batter and fried until golden and crispy. We think it sounds fantastic. You can beat fried bread, and we can’t get enough of crispy batter. We are adding this to our bucket list and will be heading over to Leeds to try soon as we get a chance.

Credit: KP’s

We’ve had some strange foods deep-fried before, such as a deep-fried Mars bar or a spam fritter, but we’ve never had a whole chip butty deep-fried.

KP’s Fish Bar in the Middleton area of Leeds are the creators of this new dish, and you can get yours anytime. You can get a deep-fried chip butty with gravy or curry for just £2.80. The fish & chip shop can be found on Just-Eat, so make sure you check them out.

Scouring their Facebook page, we came across their chef’s choice of battered chips which sound so good. This is obviously a fish & chip shop that likes to get creative, so get down if you want something a little different for your tea.

Credit The Codfather

Last year a chippy in Scotland went viral after the created deep-fried battered pickled onions, which looked incredible. The Codfather in Glasgow is the geniuses who made the little delicious tangy, crispy pickled onion.

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