This Interactive Quiz Can Determine Where You Are From In The UK

This Interactive Quiz Can Determine Where You Are From In The UK

There is something special about accents and dialect – and as you know -we Yorkshire folk are dead proud of our words and phrases that we use. This quiz by the New York Times can guess whereabouts you are from and we’ve all taken it here at The Yorkshireman, and it was pretty accurate, we must say!

Credit: NY Times

The interactive quiz asks you what words you use in certain ways and how you pronounce that. From this, it is able to decide whereabouts in the UK you are from.

Now, we were pretty nervous about taking the quiz. Imagine if it said you were from Lancashire or Manchester! Heaven forbid. The quiz doesn’t ask you if you like whippets or whether you like flat caps but instead asks how you pronounce certain words or what names you have for certain childhood games and activities.

Credit: Unsplash

If you’d like to give it a go, we’d love to know what it says, make sure that you let us know in the comments.

We have been putting together a comprehensive list of commonly used Yorkshire words and phrases that most Yorkshire folk use, and we’d love to see what you think of it. You can check oue list of words and phrases from Yorkshire here. To try the New York Times quiz, you’ll find the link below.

Credit: Unsplash

Make sure that you let us know what words and phrases need adding, and we will get stuck into making the most comprehensive list possible. 

You can try the New York Times quiz here.

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