This Study Has Identified The Exact Age Hangovers From Hell Start

This Study Has Identified The Exact Age Hangovers From Hell Start

We’ve all woken up after a few too many feeling worse for wear and regretting those last few sambucas, double rum and cokes and rocking in at 4 am. But when did it go from a mild headache to Googling whether you can die from a hangover?

At the start of your 20s you could probably get up and head off to work after a night on the booze, but by your mid-20s that is unthinkable. Apparently, there is one specific year when the hangovers reach their peak.

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Things continue to worsen throughout your 20s, but apparently, it’s one specific year in your 30s when the hangovers really start to do some damage.

A survey done by the greeting-card company Thortful, asked 2,000 people aged between 18 to 65 and concluded that your 34th birthday is the birthday where the hangover really starts to sting. People felt the following year was where hangovers started to last two days.

It then takes us until 37 to realise our limits, 38 when we start feeling too old to go out and 39 when people in the test on average start to feel drunker after just two drinks.

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A spokesman for said this week: ‘It’s a well-known fact that our hangovers get worse with age, and our new study has revealed when they become hangovers from hell*the age of 34.’

Dr Deborah Lee, at Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, said: ‘Little research has been conducted on the severity of hangovers with ageing.

‘However, hangovers are due to the breakdown of alcohol and the persisting presence of its toxic metabolite – acetaldehyde – in the body,” the Daily Mail reports.

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