This Yorkshire Band Has Land Its First UK Number One Album

This Yorkshire Band Has Land Its First UK Number One Album

Yorkshire folk are always proud of any band that comes out of God’s Own Country and looks like our next big thing is here with The Reytons from South Yorkshire earning the number-one album on the official charts.

The Rotherham band landed their first-ever UK number album with their self-released ‘What’s Rock and Roll?’

Posting the news to Instagram the band simply captioned the image: “No Label. No Backing. All Reytons,” which is an achievement in itself.

Following in the footsteps of iconic Yorkshire band Arctic Monkeys who didn’t need labels or backing back in the days of MySpace when a fan-run account helped the band gain success.

The post has gained 11k lives and 400 comments with people sharing in the band’s elevation.

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One person wrote: “Ripped up the rule book and stuck 2 fingers up to the labels! I’ve Listened to these boys way before kids off the estate album and these boys deserve all the plaudits they get, not a day goes by they don’t get played in our house for years! Love it.”

The BBC reported that the spend spent weeks campaigning to get to the top spot. Reporting the frontman Jonny Yerrell said: “We’ve worked all our lives for this.”

The band is made up Jonny Yerrell along with Lee Holland on Bass, Joe O’Brien on guitar and Jamie Todd on drums.

Forming back in 2017 the lads released debut album Kids Off the Estate back in 2021 which almost made the top 10. They’ve also had another album titled Alcopops & Charity Shops which has the popular song ‘On The Back Burner, which has had over 13 million listens on Spotify.

Listen to The Reytons ‘Uninvited’ which is their latest release below:

We look forward to celebrating the lad’s success and following what else they have to come.

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