This Yorkshire Destination Has Been Named In The Top 10 Staycation Destinations For 2022

This Yorkshire Destination Has Been Named In The Top 10 Staycation Destinations For 2022

It looks like people are still planning on staycationing in 2022, according to reports and Yorkshire has once again featured in the top 10 UK staycations locations to visit. The Yorkshire Dales National Park has once again proved a popular choice for those looking for natural beauty to visit this year.

A report released by Parkdean Resort has highlighted the most in-demand staycations for 2022. Last year, Cornwall and Devon were featured in the top spots for summer 2021, and Cornwall has managed to keep its top spot once more.

Taking the second spot is Lancashire with the Lake District coming in third. The Yorkshire Dales also features high in the list in 4th place beating out the UK’s southern hot spots.

Parkdean has predicted that July 2022 is set to be the busiest month for staycations with 23% of holiday searches for that month.

You can check out the top UK staycation locations

  1. Cornwall
  2. Lancashire
  3. Lake District
  4. Yorkshire
  5. Wales
  6. Dorset
  7. Hampshire
  8. Devon
  9. Essex
  10. East Anglia & Lincolnshire

The report also says that glamping pods are the most popular and unique accommodation choice for 2022. Domes and glamping pods have increased in popularity over the last few years as well as shepherd huts and cabin stays.

People are looking for unique and different stays to enjoy in the UK and Yorkshire is full of weird and wonderful stays that are just what customers are on the lookout for.

Credit: Camp Katur

Whether you’re wanting a coastal stay or to stay in one of Yorkshire’s iconic national parks, you can enjoy a variety of world-class different stays. An unlikely candidate for creating a glamping site would be TV legend Johnny Vegas, who, after what started as a drunk purchase, created a glamping site Field Of Dreams Glamping in Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster watching the hilarious comedian make his glamping dream a reality. There were some amazing high and some tear jerking moments. And, the finished project is spectacular. Well, the proof is in the pudding, Johnny Vegas’ glamping site ‘Field of Dreams’ is proving very popular with people, and spaces have filled up fast.

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[Featured image: Aysgarth High Force/Wikimedia Commons/Wehha/licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0]

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