This Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shop Has Been Named In The Top 20 In The UK

This Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shop Has Been Named In The Top 20 In The UK

There is something different about fish & chips by the sea. The sounds of waves brushing against the shore and the sea salt in the air just make the taste that much better. And, the Yorkshire Coast has some of the best fish & chips that the UK has to offer.

This has been proven with this fish & chips shop in the seaside town of Whitby, which has been named in The Guardian’s best seaside fish & chip shops in the UK. People flock to the seaside every summer and they always want to enjoy some classic fish & chips.

Know one does it better than Magpie Cafe in Whitby, and this list acknowledges it as Yorkshire’s only shout-out in a list that consists of venues across the UK coastline.

The Magpie Café, Yorkshire

Mentioning The Magpie Cafe in the list calls its affordably priced chip ‘perfection’, priced at just £2.95. Located across the harbour from the famous 199 steps, the chippy is one of the most famous in the whole of England with people travelling from all over to try the beautiful chips and crispy-battered fish.

Credit: Magpie

The chippy has become renowned for serving up some of the best fish and chips on the Yorkshire Coast, as well as offering fantastic views of the iconic seaside town.

But it’s not the only place in Whitby serving up decent fish and chips. Check out our list of the best fish & chips in Whitby. We are sure you won’t be disappointed when you next visit the seaside town.

Check out the full list of The Guardian’s best seaside fish & chips here.

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Feature Image Credit: Magpie Cafe

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