Yorkshire Accent Has Been Voted The Most Top Friendlist Accents In The British Isles

Yorkshire Accent Has Been Voted The Most Top Friendlist Accents In The British Isles

Tha knows that us Yorkshire folk can be the friendliest people around, as long as you’re not a fool. And, it seems that the rest of the world knows it as well as Yorkshire has been voted the friendliest accent of all the British Isles.

That’s right, good ol’ God’s Country was ranked top in a poll commissioned by Betfair Casinos, beating out Irish, Scottish and Geordie to be the numero uno! The British Isle includes the British Isles Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Hebrides.

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2,000 people were polled and almost a quarter of them said that the Yorkshire accent was by far the friendliest of them all. Although the accent differs throughout the county, we’ll assume they meant the standard put forward by the likes of Sean Bean is what got us to number one.

But despite being the friendliest, Yorkshire came in 10th place for being flirty, with Irish taking the number one spot in that category.

Yorkshire Friendliest Accent
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Surprising to some people, it didn’t even come in the top 10 for the difficulty to understand with Scottish, Scouse and Geordie taking the tops spots for them. We could definitely name some places where even proud Yorkshire folk struggle to understand the local dialect.

In the overall choices, the Yorkshire accent finished 4th behind Scottish, Queen’s English and Geordie in the British Isles list.

The Yorkshire accent is a regular in these lists and was known as one of the sexiest accents in a study back in 2020, so what we’ve done to go from sexy to friendly, we’ll never know. All we know at The Yorkshireman HQ is that we are all bloody legends here.

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