Three Yorkshire Cities Named In Top 20 Dogging Spots In The UK

Naughty naughty, Yorkshire folk! It seems a number of Yorkshire’s towns and cities enjoy a bit of outdoor recreational fun, and we aren’t talking about a game of footie. Although, it does seem that they may enjoy group activities – with three Yorkshire towns and cities named in the top 20 dogging spots in the UK. Cheeky!

Credit: Datingroo

In research done back in October by Datingroo, statistics show that there has been an 85% increase in people searching for hookup spots (such as dogging locations) due to sexual tensions and extra free time during lockdown.

And it turns out Yorkshire are a very horny bunch by the looks of it. God’s own country is full of some very questionable hobbies, with Sheffield, Leeds and Doncaster all appearing in the top 20 cities and towns. So if you know anyone that seems to be spending a lot more time outside than you’d expect, it might be that they’re up to no good!

The numbers speak for themselves, with Leeds coming in at 8th with 63 hookup spots, Sheffield with 46 places in 16th place, and Doncaster in 19th place with 24 possible hookups spots.

Credit: Datingroo

Spain came in first place for “hookup capital” in the world, with beaches being people’s favourite choice of location. The UK came in second place, and it seems that our choices were a little less romantic, consisting mostly of car parks and off-road laybys. How romantic. Check it out here.

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