Two Yorkshire Cities Have Been Ranked Among The Ugliest In The UK

Two Yorkshire Cities Have Been Ranked Among The Ugliest In The UK

Two of Yorkshie’s cities have been included in a list of the ugliest cities in the UK in a study by Atlas Ceramics whose study looked at a range of factors to reach its conclusions.

Cities were judged on a range of factors such as boutique hotels; the number of listed buildings per square kml the number of interior designers per 100,000 people and the number of architects per 100,000.

And from these very limited factors they concluded that Sheffield and Leeds ranked third and fourth from the bottom in a list of the UK’s most aesthetic cities making them the ugliest according to this survey.

The survey said that the city of Sheffield scored a ‘meagre 2,21/10 for its aesthetics’ and the bottom ten for two factors of interior designers and architects per 100,00 along with the lowest portion of listed buildings and monuments.

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On the other end of the scale is Oxford (surprise, surprise) who scored 8.39/10 described as “The city of dreaming spires takes the top spot in our index scoring 8.39/10 thanks to its high number of listed buildings and monuments per square kilometre, taking third for the factor. The historic city also has a relatively high proportion of interior designers per 100,000 people and ranks fifth for its proportion of architects too.”

In the introduction to its survey the company wrote “A city’s aesthetics give a location its character. Whether it’s cutting-edge industrial design in a city at the forefront of technological innovation, or well-preserved features like mosaic tiles with a rich history that imparts a timeless feel, each city has its unique fingerprint shaped by its residents.

“A beautiful city can attract new residents too, helping shape its character. People in beautiful cities tend to socialise more and feel happier if the streets, buildings and public spaces are attractive and inviting.”

Read the full survey here.

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