Walkers Crisps Confirm A Popular Flavour Crisp Has Been Axed For Good

Walkers Crisps Confirm A Popular Flavour Crisp Has Been Axed For Good

Bloody love a packet of crisps. And, when I found out the Walkers had axed a popular flavour from their lineup, it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

You never know how much you’re going to miss something until it’s gone. And, that’s how I’m feeling about Walker’s decision to get rid of a bloomin’ good flavour. Even if it is hard to say.

Whilst this isn’t the worst news you’ll hear today, it is nice to know for when the sudden urge for a packet comes up.

It’s not surprising to say the least though, as Walkers have ben supplying us with crisps since 1948 and through the years flavours have come and gone. We all have our favourites and the ones we don’t like that sit at the back of the cupboard until you’re very, very hungry (chicken in our house).

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One fan, took to Twitter to ask Walkers the flavour had gone: “Is it just me that’s noticed but I’ve not seen these in my local shop/supermarket for a while now @walkers_crisps can I still get them??” alongside a picture of the infamous worcester sauce flavour.

The Walkers admin then replied: “Hi, we’re sorry but Worcester Sauce flavour is no longer part of our range.”

Just like that. Gone. No more will we be able to tasty the tangy taste of Worcester sauce crips from Walkers. A sad, sad day.

Walkers are still the most popular crisps with their staple dominiating a survey back in 2020 by Perspectus Global. Cheese and Onion were the number one, with Walkers Salt & Vinegar in third.

We weren’t the only ones to be disappointed by the news of Worcester sauce crisps disappearing. Many took to social media to share their sadness.

But, alas. They won’t be the last flavour to be discontinued. There will be more. So, make sure you get out and try your favourite flavour today, because, you never know. They could be next.

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