Walkers Release Sausage Roll Flavoured Crisps And They’re A Northerner’s Dream

There is nothing Yorkshire folk love more than a nice flakey pastry. Whether that’s a cheeky steak bake or a wonderful sausage roll we will fill our boots with either. If you’re talking sausage rolls, then Cooplands four for a quid, the only thing that hasn’t gone up with inflation, the king of the sausage roll game needs a mention.

Credit: Walkers

Well, anyway, if you’ve been thinking, ‘I like sausage rolls, but I wish they came in a more crisp-like fashion’, then you’re in look. Walkers have decided that that would be the preferred way to each sausage rolls. They have been inspired by LadBaby and their Christmas number one tune ‘I love Sausage Rolls’.

They may not be as cheap as Cooplands but you can try them for 89p per bag or as a multipack of five for a quid.

As well as being excited about their new ‘festive offering’, Philippa Pennington, from Walkers, revealed how excited they are to get behind such a good cause saying, “With huge demand for food banks this year, we want everyone to get behind LadBaby and help to raise even more money at Christmas for the Trussell Trust.”

Get your pack of sausage roll-flavoured Walkers from Monday.

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